I (the Model) explicitly grant to the photographer (the Photographer)
and to his/her assignees and licensees the absolute right and
permission to use, publish or sell the photograph(s) referred to
below, in which I am included, in any medium, throughout the world,
without any restriction whatsoever as to the nature of the use or
publication or as to the copy of any printed matter accompanying
the photograph(s). I understand that the images may be altered
and I waive the right to approve of any finished product.
I understand that I do not own the copyright of the photograph(s).
I certify that I am over 18 years of age and that I have the full legal
right to execute this agreement.

NAME of photographer: __________________________

DESCRIPTION of photography: ____________________

SIGNATURE of model: ___________________________

DATE: ________________________________________

NAME of model: ________________________________

Model Agency: _________________________________

ADDRESS of model: _____________________________



Post code: _____________________________________

Telephone: ____________________________________

Email address: _________________________________

WITNESS: _____________________________________